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11 things turning 10 this year Entertainment 

11 things turning 10 this year

  • This FITA commercial

  • Crank That – Soulja Boy

  • The first iPhone was introduced

  • You wore skirts and leggings together.

  • You personalized your Converse

(It was also the year the first Twilight book came out, so that explains all the Edward Cullen quotes floating around.)

  • High School Musical 2

(Troy and Gabriella kiss!)

  • And Miley Cyrus made a cameo.

  • Justin Bieber uploaded his first YouTube video on his kidrauhl channel

  • The emo phase

You knew at least one person who wore eyeliner, checkered Vans, studded belts and bracelets, and listened to My Chemical Romance or Black Veil Brides. And said rawr because it meant I love you in dinosaur.

  • And while all this was going on around the world, the Philippines had something of their own going on, like dance crazes. I mean…

Let’s not forget Willie Revillame’s Sayaw Darling, or Edu Manzano’s Papaya.

But most importantly, we had the film that broke all our hearts.



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