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Pinoys celebrate 119th year of independence with #RP612Fic Viral 

Pinoys celebrate 119th year of independence with #RP612Fic

It was a good day on June 12 as our country celebrated its 119th year of independence.

And for the social media junkies, Independence day is like Christmas because it’s that time of the year for #RP612Fic

RP612Fic, or Republic of the Philippines June 12 Fiction, is the Filipino’s modern take on the Philippine History.

In fact, #RP612Fic is the country;s top trending topic since yesterday.

Check out this year’s best of the best tweets:

You do not play with Mabini… EVER:

The only ~*typo error*~ we allow

Women can fight for the country, too

Being petty since the 1890s

A modern day love story

Heneral Luna be living the best of both worlds

He even released his own mixtape

Hi, Andres Bonifacio

Welcome to your tape

The Spaniards have their own tape, too

When you have to save your nation by noon and be a Kpop Star at night

And we all know Rizal’s way with the ladies


Which is your favorite #RP612Fic tweet? Tell us in the comments below!



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