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15 Things Only Coffee Addicts Will Understand Inspire 

15 Things Only Coffee Addicts Will Understand

1. You can’t start your day without it

2. And people know better than to talk to you when you haven’t had any yet.

3. You wish coffee came in an IV.

4. Part of you actually thinks you wouldn’t have survived college without it

5. Coffee is basically breakfast for you

6. Just taking that first sip makes you feel relaxed

7. You can’t deny that your productivity increases after you’ve had coffee

8. How you interact with people depends on how much coffee you’ve had

9.  You never have just one cup

10. Decaf? Over my highly caffeinated body

11. It breaks your heart when your coffee turns cold — or worse, your iced coffee gets watered down

Admit it – you drink it anyway. Sometimes.

12. Everyone knows the way to your heart

13. People saying you should slow down on the caffeine is pretty much a joke to you

14. You can live without a lot of things in this world, but never coffee

15. No one will understand your bond with coffee

Me to coffee. Everyday.




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