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Sixteen things that prove that 2016 just really lost it Viral 

Sixteen things that prove that 2016 just really lost it

With all honesty, words are never enough to describe 2016. This year was either a complete up or a complete down. There was no in between, fam. No in between.

All 2016 events came out of nowhere and we all know that we were shookt, and of course social media is the first to know.

We’ve gathered a sixteen events, things, or whatnots that prove that we officially lost it in 2016. (PS: Try to keep your sanity intact as you go through this one)


When a stranger had an entirely different perception of what PWD means


When Mocha Uson was named the MMFF ambassadress and this happened


When honesty is the best policy but 2016 is tragic enough for all of us


Even your fave dish could not escape 2016’s clutches


And everyone has to feel the pain 2016 gave you – poultry included

Akala mo kaya mo? HINDI.


When this year gave Dora trust issues


And when 2016 poured out all of the trolls it has on hand


That led us to cope up with this kind of logic the entire year


Because people just won’t stop doing it.


2016 is the year of the strong force of irony


It’s also the year when victims have to adjust to their suspects


When 2016 woke up your makabayan self but you’re malandi at the same time

Bayan o Sarili? Mamili ka! 

When 2016 gave you a life lesson you didn’t know you need.


When this year got you overthinking too much that led to this iconic news


And after everything that happened, you can’t even motivate yourself for the future


And when the whole year was saved by an undeniable dance craze

Cheers to an [obviously] better 2017!



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