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Tis the season to be…organized! 17 locally available planners for 2017 Culture Viral 

Tis the season to be…organized! 17 locally available planners for 2017

Suddenly, the nights are long, Jose Mari Chan is on every radio station, and Christmas lights are up in every mall you visit. Any planner junkie knows what that means; it’s planner season!

This is the time when brands decide to ignite a planner frenzy and just release their products that are usually dated for the following year all at the same time. It happens around Christmas season, which makes organizers a perfect gift for office mates, friends, family, and to that most special person you want to help be organized at all times– yourself.

Without further ado, here are some planners that you can get your hands on as soon as they are released because they are available right here in the Philippines.


Witty Will Save the World

If the name of the planner doesn’t make you buy it, I don’t know what can. The “Ang Alamat Kung Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin And Other Mysteries” 2017 planner is the 6th product of Witty Will Save the World, Co. (Tita Witty for short).

Photo from Witty Will Save The World, Co.’s facebook page

The pages of their planners are filled with classy humor especially catered for Pinoy taste.  It’s not only witty, but it is also functional, with their weekly and monthly lay out pages, and portable, because of its cute size and light weight. Their 2017 planners are set to be available in bookstores, like Fully Booked.


This company started out with just one planner back in 2007. Their promise to fulfill the needs of the youth, especially students and young professionals, has been carried on for the next years. Today, they have FOUR different planners.

Photo from

Their Keepsake planners are not just for planning, but are best for journal keeping, as well. Make plans and keep memories all in one book. You can even use it any year because it’s undated.

Photo from

The Scribble planner is best for those who like to, well, scribble. A place to jot down things you need to remember when you are in a rush or just pages to write your thoughts, this planner will be all you need.

Photo from

Some people have that habit of drawing on the sides of their notebook and others just really have to sketch things out for visualization. If that’s the case, then this Doodle planner is just for you. Even the cover is black and white and allows you to color between the lines, or across the lines, it’s really up to you.

Photo from

The Camper planner comes with Wanderlust photos and travel tips to motivate and inspire the traveler in you. It also has an adventure map that lets you track down the places you’ve been and photo spaces to put those snaps of your travel memories.

These planners were available for pre-order online. However, they are already done with preorder, so you’ll have to wait for the planners to be available in bookstores or for them to have new stocks online.

Belle De Jour

Just like the previous brand, Belle De Jour started out with just their Power Planner. Their goal to help people live their lives to the fullest. After ten years from their humble start, they now have different variants of planners under their brand.

Image result for belle de jour 2017
Photo from Belle De Jour

The Belle De Jour Power Planner was the first in this brand and has stood the test of time. It’s colorful pages and functional lay out has stuck to Bellas over the years.

Image result for everything is possible planner 2017
Photo from Belle De Jour

If you’re looking for some motivation, this planner can definitely help you find it. Its filled with quotes for inspiration and encouragement that will give you the will to live, or at least get through life one week at a time.

Image result for focus journal 2017
Photos from Belle De Jour

If you are one of those people with mild ADHD, maybe this planner can help. The Focus Journal helps give full attention to specific tasks.

Image result for navi planner 2017
Photo from Belle De Jour

The Navi planner is perfect for adventure goers who like to explore places they’re never been before. It comes complete will all those travel planning essentials plus a list of must go to travel destinations for 2017 and a section to write down your goals and bucketlist.

These planners can be purchased online through the Belle De Jour website, but they are also available in bookstores nationwide.

C&S Designs

What started out as a hobby and gift ideas for close friends became a planner franchise. Sisters Christine and Sheryl started in 2008 with the very first Design Your Life planner. Now, they offer stickers and other planner accessories for planner junkies to enjoy.

Cover design
Photo from C&S Designs

The Design You Life Planner has a colorful layout and special features like monthly challenges, quotes and games that will surely keep you entertained while you’re trying to get your life together.

Cover design
Photo from C&S Designs

For a more simple, but still colorful planner layout, the Back to Basics Planner has everything you need from sleep trackers to travel plans. They made it even bigger than last year for more writing or designing space.

Design Your Life®: Limitless Planner
Photo from C&S Designs

For a more formal approach, the Limitless planner has a plain black and white layout suitable for serious professionals. Either that or more freedom for designs.

All of these planners can be bought through the C&S Designs website, local bookstores, Mrs. Graham’s Cafe, and Oriental Photographix.

Ang Mga Drawing Na Lakad


Photo from Wandering Weekend Warrios’s facebook page

The Ang Mga Drawing na Lakad planners are subsequently called #SoAnoNa and they come in two variants; Medyo White and Purong Black; a perfect allusion to those planned barkada trips that never really push through. Hopefully, this planner can you color all your drawing outings. You can buy this through the Wandering Weekend Warrior’S facebook page.

Sunnies Studios

The brand that brought you fashionable and chic sunglasses has decided to also bless you with equally as gorgeous planners. The Sunnies Studios offer uniquely designed and trendy sunglasses for men and women called Sunnies. They have recently started offering glasses, too. Their planners, however, have been around for three years now.

Photo from Sunnies Studios’ facebook page

This year’s Sunnies Agenda offers candy-colored pages with travel planning essentials because a nice pair of Sunnies deserve a day at the beach. It comes in a pink and a blue cover. You can buy it at P199 for every purchase of two Sunnies sunglasses.

Coffeebean & Tea Leaf (CBTL)

Coffee is not the only thing CBTL wants to brew, they also want to help you brew your best year ever with their annual offering of The Giving Journal. This year, they hosted an exclusive event last October 22, where they launched their planners for 2017.

Photo from Lucky Citrine Blog

The Giving Journal is available in four different colors, pink, turqiouse, purple, and black, with symbols that represent CBTL’s giving goals. They have monthly lists of goals and priorities, the usual CBTL freebies coupons, and weekly lay out pages. Their papers are a light page that gives the impression that the pages were evenly stained with coffee. To get your hands on these, you’ll need to fill up CBTL’s stamp card that requires 12 stamps and 12 specific beverages. You can also purchase a CBTL Single Serve Beverage System and get the planner along with it.

Starbucks Coffee

This is probably one of the longest running annual planner franchise. The Starbucks planner is one of the first coffee house planners in the Philippines who set the trend of sticker collecting in order to avail of one. Starting with the 2016 planner, they collaborated with Moleskin in manufacturing and designing planner. This is why their planners have a similar layout to Moleskin planners.

Photo from Starbucks PH

This year’s Starbuck planners come in two covers, coffee stained for the coffee enthusiasts and aqua teal and jade under gold accents for the chic on the go ladies. Aside from the planners, you will also get a pouch, coffee themes stickers, a magnetic bookmark, and an erasable marker. What you’ll really love about the planner is the monthly design. Each month features beautiful illustrations that will surely inspire you to make your plans and goals a reality.

You can get this beautiful planner the same way one can get a Starbucks planner every year; collect stickers. That’s 9 regularly offered drink and 9 Christmas special drink for a planner or you can buy P7,000 worth of drinks at once.


Jacinto and Lirio

When social responsibility and creative planner designs collide, you just know Jacinto and Lirio is behind it. This company makes planners, journals, wallets, bags, and other functional items with water hyacinth to encourage families affected by hyacinth infestation to take the situation around and make a living out of it.

J&L Likhain Planner (Adarna Crimson Red)
Photo from Jacinto & Lirio

Their Likhain planners are handmade and crafted leather that are perfect for the taste Filipinos. They have indigenous designs that can really bring out the nationalism in you. These planners are actually binders, which means you can use them over and over again. They already come with inserts when you buy one.

The Likhain planners are available at the Jacinto & Lirio website, Lazada, and Shoppee, and they can also be bought from local bookstores nationwide.

There are so many planners to choose from, but you have to think fast. It’s called planner season for a reason; it ends. Planners are limited and you can only collect stickers for a number of weeks.

Although planner season is dedicated mostly for planners, don’t forget that it’s Christmas season, too. Between the sticker collecting and the planner frenzy, make time for your office mates, friends, family, and to that most special person you want to help be organized at all times– yourself.

Have sleepovers during the long nights. Listen to Jose Mari Chan together. Maybe even see the Christmas lights at the mall or park. After all, planner or Christmas, this is the most wonderful time of the year.



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