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4 Ways To Level-up Your Nightlife Food Life and Style 

4 Ways To Level-up Your Nightlife

After long hours of work during the weekdays, there’s nothing more exciting than a Friday night. It’s like a rainbow after the rain—restoring your energy and making you look forward to the weekend.

While some people lounge on the couch with their newly bought book, there are those who celebrate Friday nights with a liquor in hand, dancing to the beat of loud music. If you’re one of the latter, here are ways to spice up your nightlife experience.

Bring friends!

There’s truth behind the saying, “The more, the merrier!” There’s more fun spending the night dancing, telling stories, and laughing with friends. Plus, there’s safety in numbers when going out late.

Scout new places

Stay away from the usual hangout spots and search for new places that provide more than just drinking. Look for places that offer you a more rounded experience. For example, you could see a live music performance or rave to the tune of upbeat music to blow off steam.

Budget your expenses

Do not forget to be practical even if you’re having fun. In a way, you’re also limiting yourself to the alcohol you’re going to have. Have fun responsibly!

Skip the usual, try new drinks

Your night out wouldn’t be complete without a beverage. You’re probably used to saying “the usual” whenever your bartender asks you what you’re having for the night. If you think your taste buds deserve something new, then you’re in luck!  

Liquid Gold Prosecco is finally here. This sparkling white wine is pure fun, flavor, and sophistication in a bottle–an artfully crafted vessel in seven striking metallic colors.

Liquid Gold is made from Glera grapes and Bianchetta Trevigiana, which give off a bubbly yet juicy taste. It’s the drink you’d want to sip every day — enough to get the party started.

The Italian liquor will soon be available in supermarkets and groceries. Follow Liquid Gold Wine and Spirits on Facebook and Instagram.




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