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5 things you need to know when you’re adulting Inspire 

5 things you need to know when you’re adulting

The work force is a legitimate jungle. A jungle waiting to be explored. Being in the work force just a month after graduation, I can say that it is indeed a jungle we all must explore eventually.

If you feel lost or scared. It’s okay, we will all feel that way at one point. It’s your first time as an “adult” in the big city, ready to become a strong and independent member of the society – to be scared, or even worried, is a normal phase.

After working for over a year, there are things that the work jungle made me realize with all its adventures and misadventures. These have, somehow, eased up all the emotions I was feeling as a rookie in the work life.


Stop comparing yourself to others

There’s no denying that there’s competition when you’re at work. While sometimes this may be healthy, if it leads you to compare yourself to others not only in the business aspect but the personal as well – it will not be healthy at all. Remember that you are a unique human being, and the work force should never change that.

Your pace is your pace

During a barkada night out, you may see that some of your friends are gaining more progress than you. Don’t let that get into your head. Remember that every single one of us has its own pace in life. Don’t go sulking if you can’t get what you desired for as fast as your friends did. Let fate take its toll. Instead of looking at the others, focus on your own progress and enjoy it.

Too much pressure isn’t healthy

While it’s normal for fresh grads to go bibo at work because of the new environment, forcing yourself to work may cause you to burn out and affect the quality of your outputs.

Treat yourself once in a while

Yes. It’s a must to save up a portion of your salary for your future. But, it’s also important not to stinge yourself. Once in a while, treat yourself out as a reward for your hard work. It could be a cup of ~expensive~ coffee, a full body massage, you name it.

Everything will take its place

While some events in the work life will make you want to give up, let me tell you one thing: DON’T DO IT. I’ve always believed that challenges are given to people who could get through it. Sure, it won’t be easy. But everything shall pass, you just have to keep the faith.



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