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5 things you should know before cooking on that grill. Food Life and Style 

5 things you should know before cooking on that grill.

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday Grill for brunch?

Grilling up lunch for your family in your backyard (or terrace, even) is such a joy. You can hear every single sizzle of the meat being cooked along with the laughter of your children.

However, there’s no denying that, sometimes, grilling up an entire meal takes a lot of work. Which is why a home-made grilled lunch is a rarity.

But, we’re here to help! We have here five amazing Grilling 101 tips for you and your family to try for a hassle free and worthwhile grilling session.


There’s more to your grill than just hot dogs and barbecues

A common thing among a lot of people is that grilling sessions are merely exclusive to meat such as barbecues, hotdogs, and burgers. But did you know that you can cook grilled pizza on your home grill?

Yup. That’s right! You just spread olive oil on your dough, pop it on a grill for 2 minutes on one side, and then take it out. Then, you can place all your fave toppings. Just remember, when grilling pizza, don’t overload your toppings. You don’t want a volcano pizza, don’t we?

You can now bring your pizza back to the grill for another two minutes and you’re done! Pretty cool right?

Aside from grilled pizza, you can also cook up a healthy grilled chicken wrap with mayonnaise-less coleslaw, and grilled pork belly wrapped in seasoned lettuce. Yum!

Control the fire, don’t let the fire control you.

Fire is scary, tbh. But fire is something you must face whenever you hit the grill. Remember to not be afraid of the fire, don’t panic when the unlikely things happen. When grilling, put just the right amount of charcoal, or fire power for gas-fired grills, for your grilling session


Oil on the meat, not on the grill

Putting oil on the grill is an absolute no-no. You don’t want to start a fire. Make sure to massage your meat with a generous amount of oil before placing it on the grill for that picture perfect output.


Cook with the grill lid closed.

While an open grill can cook up quite a storm, as well. A closed grill can cook up meat faster as the smoke is collected in one area. Also, a closed grill means no smoke coming out, which means it’s a grilling session minus the smell of smoke, charcoal residue, etc.


BONUS: A grilling session will be perfect with the right grill for you. 

Of course, a worthwhile grilling experience isn’t complete without the perfect grill, right?

Well, we have good news for you. Because the world famous Weber Grill has made its way to the Philippines through True Value. Weber has a variety of grills that fits your grilling essentials from your backyard or terrace, or your next family vacation.

Now, you can grill your fave dishes, from barbecues to pizzas, to chocolate brownies even (YES), on your Weber grill.

For more information, you may visit True Value’s website or their Facebook Page or visit any True Value branch.




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