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FIVE things we miss about Instagram Life and Style 

FIVE things we miss about Instagram

Instagram, first and foremost, is known for its unique social media experience: sharing a single picture that captures that perfect moment you’re in.

The photo sharing app has gone through big girl changes and was even fond of its adoptive parent – Facebook – too fond in fact that the two are close enough as if they’re artificially conjoined twins.

Taking another new leaf from Facebook following its synonymous features such as Likes for comments, live videos and the cloning of Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ among other things, Instagram looks like it’s gearing towards being Facebook 2.0 with its latest update: photo albums.

With too many failed attempts at commercial suicide, the popular social network is still alive and kicking, even if that means the loss of its authenticity by being every social networking app there is for everyone.

Either Facebook is yielding the ultimate stab after failing Snapchat’s acquisition in 2014 or just pissing the hell out of everybody in the most Social Network fashion, Instagram is in deep, hot waters. I mean, let’s face it, Mark Zuckerberg always gets what he wants. Just like in the movie, right?

As of writing this eulogy, we count down five things we love … loved about Instagram. Like any other *co-dependent* relationship, some things are just meant to be broken:

The Instagram It-Factor

If you find Twitter too political, you’d seek refuge in the dreamy confines of Tumblr. When Facebook is becoming a lot like a bad high school experience, Instagram was the go-to app for hipsters and misfits who always know better. On the flipside, Instagram had its lo-fi, indie origins and was associated with trends such as #instafood, #photooftheday and the inevitable #tbt, the acronym for Throw Back Thursday.

In fact, there was a time when it was a user prerequisite to go out of town or “eat” somewhere aesthetic or minimalist just to commit to your #feedgoals – the places were proven too obscure and out there – appeasing your wanderlust/foodie mantra to your heart’s delight.

Breathtaking stock photography > selfies

Ah, the good ol’ days of Instagram when it wasn’t about your image. Not that it’s a bad thing, but the point of Instagram used to be its breathtaking photography – where ordinary people can be photographers themselves with their smartphones, in every sense of the word.

Your friends, your mom or even your duties as dog walker of the day as you stroll around your boring neighborhood is documented at least in six pictures with a funny, nonchalant one-liner caption. And of course, who would forget waiting in the wee hours of the day for the sunrise (or vice-versa) as you sit on top of the world, phone at the ready to encapsulate that blissful moment?

But we’re glad to see that flat-lays are here to stay as the all-time favorite theme in our feeds.

The non-existence of annoying ads

With a reported 150 million active users, the gateway to advertisements was seen as a major move for the app as it continues to make a brand for itself as more than just any other name in the App store. Now, users are exposed to a wide variety of ads – wanted or unwanted – with buttons such as “buy” and “sign up” stuck onto them.

But let’s all go back to the time when we were in charge of our following choices. I mean, I used to have an eternal stream of #cityscape photos that wasn’t accompanied by ads telling me to lose weight.

Non-algorithmic feed

Instagram used to put its content in chronological order, meaning when you go to the app, your feed is updated real-time. In other words, the further you scroll down, the older the posts get.

But thanks to God’s gift that is Facebook, Instagram has followed its footsteps in establishing an algorithm that calculates the posts you like best and make those appear on your timeline the first thing when you log in on the app. This, among all things, is what nobody ever really asked for.

Why? A TechCrunch feature reasoned that there was more user engagement in the chronological feed, saying “When the feed is chronological, this is pretty easy, and it ensures that the user has seen everything from each of the people they follow. If you opened up Instagram six hours ago, you have six hours worth of pictures to look at.

The ¡hipster! Polaroid logo

Need we say more?!


Now, Which version of Instagram did you like better? The old IG? or the New IG? Answer our poll below!

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