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5 Unique Gimmicks for you and your bae this Valentines Culture Life and Style 

5 Unique Gimmicks for you and your bae this Valentines

Beyond the usual dinner, gift-giving, and all the other mainstream cliché that comes along with it, Valentine’s Day should be more about spending quality time with your partner. Loving and happy relationships can do without all those because the company of their beloved is more than enough to make for a celebration.

So, as a testament to your love and to spice things up,  maybe going against the mould will add the much-needed heat and fervor to the relationship this Valentine’s!


Take a hike

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For Valentine’s Day, why not get physical (and no we don’t mean that). We mean packing your bags and stretching your joints by reaching a mountain’s summit.

We know it’s among the more famous destinations but we believe it’s best to refrain from going to Sagada—just for the occasion, at least. That’s where broken hearts go, and you and your SO are definitely not among those lonely wandering souls.

Instead, you can opt to do a “minor climb”. There are many mountains to choose from that are near the Metro. There’s Pico de Loro, Mt. Maculot and Mt. Batulao in Batangas, Daraitan in Rizal, and Mt. Marami in Cavite.

Nothing is more rewarding than accomplishing a challenging feat with the one you love and basking in the beauty of nature (and possibly, a sunset!) hand in hand at the top.



Do volunteer work

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Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusive for lovers alone. At its core, it’s a celebration of love so why don’t you guys spread the love by doing charity and non-profit work. Visit animal shelters, play and help feed them. Surprise the elders at your local home for the aged. You can even throw a small snack party with kids living in a shelter. If you can find Valentine-themed fundraisers or charity events, the better.

The specifics of your “work of love” don’t really matter as long as you go out of your way to make a difference in somebody’s life even just for a day. It’s an experience you, as a couple, will carry throughout the relationship and will solidify the bond you have.



Have an at-home couples massage

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If you and bae are absolute workaholics, maybe a spa day will make the best Valentine’s treat for you. But here’s the catch: get it straight at the comfort of your own home.

Enlist the services of a massage therapist and bring a complete spa treatment without braving the traffic. Dim the lights, light some candles, drink wine if you want, and you’ll both be relaxed in no time.


See a show 

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And we’re not talking about a regular movie night because that’s so mainstream.

Take your lovey-dovey to a comedy show or even an improv night. If you’re feeling a bit more artsy, go to a cultural show or see a theatre play. And if you want to be more risqué you’re your choice, perhaps a burlesque show?

Whatever you decide to do, you’re guaranteed to end your day in high spirits!


Do nothing out of the ordinary

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Again, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, so why should it be so different with all 364 days of the year? People, especially those in relationships, often put high expectations on this day that they a lot of them end the day disappointed because what they had in mind didn’t follow through. But this is not to say that celebrating it is a total waste of time but it doing otherwise won’t diminish the value of your relationship.

You can still “celebrate” it by doing things you both love to do together. Prepare dinner or order take-out. Sleep in late by binge-watching shows you guys are meaning to catch up on. Get drunk, even, and be crazy together. Exchange simple impromptu love notes—whatever floats your boat.

Because at the end of the day, what matters is the enjoying the company of your beloved and sharing the love you cherish, right?



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