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6 Winning Costumes To Rock This Halloween Season Life and Style 

6 Winning Costumes To Rock This Halloween Season

Halloween is just around the corner and people need some help in order to snatch that Best Halloween Costume Award. Here are some neck shivering suggestions, so you could bring home the gold!

White Lady

Ah, the classic white lady in the Balete Drive. She can be the new face of PONDS and other skin lightening products because of your fairness and whiteness.

How to rock it: Just put tons of baby powder in your face, wear your hair down and wear some white curtains.


Well, this missy right here could be in two places at the same time /jealous/.

In our local television, the manananggal is portrayed as the beautiful girl with a mysterious smile. Boys swoons over her and girls are jealous of her. Little did they know that she is a blood-sucking and baby-eating monster at night.

How to rock it: Be the Belle of the Ball of the party and when the clock ticks at 12 midnight, change your style into a full blown manananggal! Wear some crop top and long skirt with some messy hair. Do your fake manananggal wings with sticks and garbage bag.


BOIIIII, He loves his cigar so much, the smoke can cook a barbecue! Our boy right here is tall (around 7 to 9 ft.), hairy and muscular creature. He could be the boyfriend of our girl, White Lady in the Balete drive, because he loves hanging out there as well.

How to rock it: If you have VAPE, then you are good to go.


*gasps* THE MOST TERRIFYING ONE FOR THE STUDENTS! It is usually received after prelim exams or finals by your terror professor. Students get scared when they’re visited by the so-called SINGKO. So for all the college students out there, better study for you might be haunted by the SINGKO.

How to rock it: You need a illustration board and put a BIG 5 over there and you’d be terrifying AF!


Unlike before, parents scares their children with the “Bumbay” scheme. “Hala dito ka na, papakuha kita sa Bumbay.” Although now, the new Bumbay is the Police! Not just kids, but a lot of people are afraid of them mainly because if they think you’re a drug pusher, oh boy. Good luck with you.

How to rock it: Be like Kuya Cardo, carry a gun and wear blue polo. Talk to people like you’re suspecting that they’re drug carriers. It would definitely scare your colleagues.


Oh, wow. This one gave me the chills just by writing it. This is the constant terror that bloggers wannabe do. Fake News is always around the corner, staring at you and waiting to devour you!

Pro tip: Always fact check if you don’t want to be labeled as fake news.

How to rock it: There’s always a source for some fake news /ehem/ print that one out and stick ‘em into your shirt or you could wear a white shirt and write FAKE NEWS on it.

Enjoy this spooky season, fangs out!




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