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8 most unforgettable moments in Philippine beauty pageants, so far Beauty Entertainment Life and Style 

8 most unforgettable moments in Philippine beauty pageants, so far

Beauty pageants. It’s a four-syllable pseudo-holiday that Filipinos shamelessly rejoice in vain. We take beauty pageants way too seriously just like how we can never ever get over our fascination with primetime soap operas, which isn’t really a bad thing. We even incorporate Q&A one-liners into our own slang. I mean, who could ever forget Venus Raj’s major major she-can-do-no-wrong answer? Ruffa Gutierrez’s assertiveness as an inspiring beauty queen?  Or Janina San Miguel’s stuttering ‘My pamily … my familee … Oh my god’ but still managed to win?

In a nutshell,  Filipinos love drama just as the next hopeless romantic.

Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the world has seen the remarkable quality of Pinay beauty that continues to be evident as our kind remains strongly competitive in the Big Four international beauty pageants — Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss World and Miss Universe. We’ve all been witnesses of some of the world’s most beautiful women, going as far as recording our outrageous reactions for online consumption, not to mention the endless memes we outpour our sense of humor and humility into.


As we are four days leading to the crowning of the new Miss Universe, we count down eight of the most unforgettable moments in Philippine beauty pageant history, so far:


Exhibit #1: Janina San Miguel’s “no pressure” confidence outweighing her supposedly embarrassing response.

 It has been imitated over and over in social circles and on television. But that’s not to say that she should be snatched off of the winning title because you gotta admit, it was still a pretty good answer (or was it really?). She just … didn’t articulate herself well enough.



Exhibit #2. Like Janina, Jeannie Anderson took her confidence to a whole new level with a gracious smile and a rather calming yell of “Quiet please!”,

which sent audiences to a roar of laughter (and the good kind, too). Nevertheless, her response to the “beauty or smart” question is worth remembering that even mother-daughter beauty royalties Gloria Diaz and Isabelle Daza echoed the same sentiments.



Exhibit #3. Venus Raj is perfect because she does not dwell on regrets.

Therefore, we should all be like her, regardless of what other people say.



Exhibit #4. When Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner but #KWEEN @piawurtzbach took it gracefully, with a heart.




Exhibit #5. Before Melanie Marquez became a quotable sensation (Melanisms!), there was this moment, wherein she announced nationwide that she’s proud to be long-legged.



Exhibit #6. Known for her Extra Challenge days waaayyyy back in the early 2000s, Miriam Quiambao pulled a Jennifer Lawrence (or should that be the other way around?) in 1999. But she stood up with poise after her fall and even placed 48th Miss Universe’s 1st runner-up.



Exhibit #7. Shamcey Supsup and the walk that trumped the tidal waves.

Actually, it’s just one of her many talents.



Exhibit #8. Once you’ve reached the top, there should be no stopping you from aiming higher. Take it from actress and TV personality, Ruffa Gutierrez, who also hails from one of the most sought-after showbiz royal families.

Watch the video below and see for yourself that it does take Gutz to be a Gutierrez. 



We may have our share of wins and losses. But these inspiring ladies define the essence of a true Filipina inside and out. You go girls! Photo credit CNN Philippines



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