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A dermatologist should be your best friend. Here’s why: Beauty Life and Style 

A dermatologist should be your best friend. Here’s why:

Okay. We don’t literally mean to look for a dermatologist friend, but rather consult a dermatologist as often as your schedule permits.

Our skin is just one of the many things that we should take care of in our body, as it is the most exposed organ in our body.

While most of us think that we should be the ones to know what’s best for our skin, sometimes the constant games and experiments with your face (or any part of your body) may lead to uncontrollable things.

Which is why it has always been recommended to consult a professional for your skin conditions.  Here are a few reasons why you should consult a dermatologist often.


Your Acne condition

One or two pimples at a time are enough. But when things begin to get out of hand and your over-the-counter pimple clearing cream isn’t doing its job anymore, it’s time to visit a doctor. Sometimes, acne breakouts mean more than just an effect from your monthly visitor and stress. A derma can help stop those breakouts upon checking your skin.


Negative reactions from products

Not all skin types are compatible to some (or many) skin care products and makeup. What may be suitable for your best friend may not be the one for you. So, in order to correct those reactions in your skin. The first thing you should do is to stop using the product and consult the doctor to counter it with the right service or product.


Uneven skin tone

Patches that you find in your skin may be a result of sun-exposure or maybe even aging (oh nooooo!), especially if you’re often out and about. Don’t jump to conclusions when it comes to your skin as there are many causes to the effects of your skin.


They know what’s best for your skin

After all, they are professionals. If you let them check your skin, they can determine your skin age and all the things your skin needs for it to be healthy. We all need help at some things, and dermatologists can help you with your skin.


But, if you’re busy and find it hard to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, no worries. You can book your appointments online with Skin Station’s online booking. Here you can schedule your appointments for consultation and services at your preferred branch.

You can also pay for your services online, too. So it will be a less hassle experience for you during your pamper day.

If you’re ready to meet your dermatologist, you can book your appointment at Skin Station’s website. 




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