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VIDEO: Angry man punches nursing student inside UV express over seat arrangement Viral 

VIDEO: Angry man punches nursing student inside UV express over seat arrangement

Facebook user Soy Gonzales posted three video clips of a man yelling, then eventually hurting, a young woman inside a public vehicle on Tuesday midnight, May 3rd.

The post went viral on all social media platforms, later identifying the suspect as a certain John Michael Musni Arellano.

Gonzales related that she was one of the passengers in the said UV express when Arellano started shouting at the girl, a nursing student named “Joan”, who was seated at the back of the vehicle beside the door. In the third video clip, Arellano, who was with a female companion, had asked “Joan” to move in the middle section.

But she refused, saying that she would be getting down at the next stop. Arellano ended up sitting in the middle section while his friend situated herself in the far back of the moving car.

Despite the uncomfortable arrangement, the two still continued to talk. Arellano can be heard making rude comments indirectly to “Joan”, which is why she got on the defensive and asked Arellano, “Bakit ‘ho kayo nagagalit sa akin? (Why are you so angry with me?)” Then he blew up as seen on the first clip.

In the second video, Arellano and his companion had gotten out of the car and that was when Arellano went on full beast mode. Gonzales failed to capture the violence but she explained in her note that Arellano hit and verbally abused “Joan”, shouting, “Hindi mo alam ang pinagdadaanan ko! Malaki! Gusto mo ikwento ko pa sa’yo p******** mo?! (You have no idea what I’m going through! I’m in a huge mess! Do you want me to tell you all about it, you f***?!)”

When Arellano left, “Joan” broke down in tears. Gonzales consoled and told her that she had the whole incident recorded and would post it on social media.

The Facebook post has been shared 289k times with 92k comments as of Thursday afternoon, May 5th.

View the video here.



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