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Expression through Art at SM Manila: PsyCOLORGY by Manila Art Sesh Culture Life and Style 

Expression through Art at SM Manila: PsyCOLORGY by Manila Art Sesh

Art is something that provides the freedom to express things that I can’t otherwise say.

By: Kim Verana (Intern) 

It’s like magic made of shapes and colors.  It breathes new life into my otherwise unexpressed thoughts and allows me to express new emotions. Drawing, painting, and coloring are not exclusively for people who are born with talent, they are pastimes or even pursuits that anyone can enjoy.

At least that’s what I think.

PsyCOLORgy by Manila Art Sesh was held at SM Manila last July 15, 2017. It was an event that welcomed people who wanted to participate in a reflective shirt-painting workshop that was open to 20 mall goers.

PsyCOLORgy is a form of artistic expression aimed at understanding people through psychology based on how we paint. I love how this event encourages free expression, creative thinking, and diversity.  Through the event, my fellow participants and I were able to express our thoughts in shape and color.

At the beginning of the event, we were each given white shirts with a pattern of circles on them, paint brushes, and paint.  From the white shirts we had in the beginning, slowly paintings of all kinds started emerging.  Some paintings had political overtones, some expressed raw emotions, others still were inspired by nature or other themes.

From what I saw, there were only a few people who “painted in the lines”, and the rest turned personal thoughts into vibrant, and expressive pieces.  I really enjoyed the act of expressing my own thoughts this way.

My painting was about freedom of expression. I believe that in this day and age, the youth can speak up for themselves and for what is right and through this medium.  We have the capacity to be the voice of the marginalized sector of society.

Art is more than just a craft aimed at appealing to our aesthetic sensibilities. True works of art are objects that have meaning, not just things of beauty. At the end of the event, the shirts we made were given to us free of charge.

It still amazes me how brush strokes and color can combine to craft a powerful and meaningful message.  It is my hope that more people find expression through art, regardless of their level of talent.  Ultimately art should not be a mere showcase of talent, but an expression of uniqueness and individuality.




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