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An Artistic Afternoon in SM Manila Culture Life and Style 

An Artistic Afternoon in SM Manila

By: Marci Trio (Intern) 

Artists and non-artists had a chance to express themselves and explore their creativity during the Manila Art Sesh event in SM Manila that ran from July 5 to July 23.

Participants showcased their art through colorful and fun activities that featured Manila’s art, culture, and fashion.

On July 13-15, they held the University Wall Mural Competition as part of the more than two-week long arts fest. Through their murals, artists from top universities and colleges in Manila gave new life to the city’siconic places.

Participants at the mural painting activity were given blank panels for them to paint. Over two days, student artists creatively expressed their vision of Manila. They used different visual arts techniques that showcased their individual styles.

As for me, I was able to join the Psycolorgy activity, where I designed my own shirt. Participants were free to whatever form, subject, and colors they chose. A guest psychologist then assessed and interpreted the artworks for their hidden meanings. Some drawings and paintings contained hidden messages that describe the Creator.  

I guess Art–and artists–are God’s gift to humanity. I could see those artists’ uniqueness and dedication with each stroke they made on their masterpieces. Personally, learning that art can be an expression of a person’s inner mind was an exciting experience.

Even for a non-artsy person like me, Manila Art Sesh was a fun activity that gave me new knowledge and inspiration–and some freebies, too!



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