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Bare All or Cover Up: Off-Shoulder vs. Long Sleeves Fashion Life and Style 

Bare All or Cover Up: Off-Shoulder vs. Long Sleeves

To say it’s hot is an understatement. It’s sweltering actually, even at 8 in the morning on your way to work in the supposed shade of the Makati high rises. Sweat dripping all over your face. You’re literally wiping the #fleek away.

The summer season calls for either as little fabric as possible or as much fabric as bearable tailored for different reasons and for different personalities.For the more fashion savvy women out there, the day will begin with a pivotal decision: dare to bare with an off-shoulder piece or cover up with the underestimated long sleeves? While there are other variables at play here like how groggy you are in the morning, the occasion, the purpose, and even your mood at the very moment of choosing, the right outfit will help define your day or at the very least how you feel about yourself.

Wearing an off-shoulder piece, whether a simple top or a whole dress, is for the brave woman who wants to flaunt her killer collarbones. An off-shoulder top paired with the trending culotte pants, a high waist skirt, or even a simple pair of jeans will exude sophistication and an I-got-this-day aura for miles. It can give you reprieve from the heat of the unforgiving Philippine sun y letting more air contact more skin.

A long-sleeved outfit, on the other hand, may cause a bit of controversy. Why cover up when it’s already 40+ degrees outside? Well, contrary to popular belief, not all long-sleeves are uncomfortably hot to wear. Depending on the fabric, as with most clothes, wearing long-sleeved clothing may actually make your summer day more bearable. The sleeves cover the length of your arms, shielding it from the rays of the sun (think of all the sun block you can save!) Plus, there are variations to the long sleeve like sleeves that flare out at the wrists for a more boho look, sleeves that cut at ¾ if you want something a bit more corporate, and sleeves that are loose enough to roll up when the need arises (like you need to change a tire or something, you never know).

One thing’s for sure: girls won’t go all WWIII over this debate. Countries won’t fall and flags won’t raise. Because for sure, every girl’s got your back no matter what outfit you choose. Now it’s time to strut down the street with confidence like it’s no one’s business, because, honey, it really isn’t.



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