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The best of Cole Sprouse through the years Entertainment Movies and TV 

The best of Cole Sprouse through the years

Cole Mitchell Sprouse, simply known as Cole Sprouse, is one of the leading stars of the rising CW series, “Riverdale”, adapted from Archie’s comics.

Since Cole and his brother, Dylan were babies, they were featured on TV and they have grown in front of their fans’ eyes. Lying low from acting career and focusing more in academics,  a few years later after the twins’ graduation, they’re back in the limelight with more surprises.


Here are some of his notable shows through the years.



  • Grace Under Fire – Dylan & Cole as Patrick Kelly



Thanks to Grace Under Fire TV series, because of this show, we had several baby videos and photos of Cole and Dylan that we can look back forever.



  • Big Daddy – Dylan and Cole as Julian ‘Frankenstien’ McGrath



What can you get from a movie starring Adam Sandler and the Sprouse brothers? A fun combo! You should watch the part where Julian dances the Kangaroo Song. It’s just so cute you would play it again.



  • Friends – Cole as Ben Geller


Probably this is the cutest role Cole ever had. Being visited by his Ross’ friends and taught with some pranks by Rachel and Aunt Monica, Ben just became a rascal of pulling pranks on other people. This just made him more adorable, though.



  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – Dylan as Zack, Cole as Cody



If you want to watch a tv series starring the twins, here’s what you’ve been looking for! This Disney show almost covered the twin’s years of growing up, starting from 2005 to 2011. A lot of scenes in the series are funny, but I like it when the brothers crossdress into cute girly dresses and golden hair.



  • Riverdale – Cole as Jughead Jones



Well, seems like our adorable and funny Cole Sprouse also graduated on sitcoms and romcoms and goes back into acting with a bang, starring as Jughead Jones in the CW dark series “Riverdale”. Weird, enigmatic, erudite – these are the characteristics that will make you fall not only for Jughead but for Cole Sprouse as well.





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