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The best of #RP612Fic: Rizal Day Edition Viral 

The best of #RP612Fic: Rizal Day Edition

Today, December 30th, we commemorate the death of our National Hero, Jose Rizal, and his sacrifice for our country and the freedom and democracy we enjoy today.

It was on December 30th of 1896 when Rizal was executed at the Bagumbayan or now commonly known as The Luneta Park – located at the heart of Manila.

Filipinos usually pay their respects to the national hero by visiting Luneta during Rizal day or remembering his works like Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

Taking things on a lighter note, Filipino millennials use #RP612Fic in every celebration for our country’s heroes, and we’ve gathered the best Rizal day tweets here:


We all know Rizal’s struggle with his unusually long name…


Paano ka oorder sa starbucks, bes?


And if Rizal was born in our generation…

And we all know where this came from…

This mistake…

And we all know what Rizal’s soft spot is…

A salute to our national hero!



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