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Beyond Dance: Discovering passion and art Culture Life and Style 

Beyond Dance: Discovering passion and art

By: Marci Trio

Some people see dance as simply entertainment–but more than that, it can reach the level of Art.

(Image from Pinterest)

Whatever dance genre, be it ballet, cultural, ballroom, jazz or hip hop, I have always admired the uniqueness of their choreographies–from simple to complex movements and routines. I always wonder how dancers are able to bring life to these creative acts that combine music and movement.

Every time I watch a dance performance, I am overcome by various feelings and emotions. It is amazing to think about how dancers use body movements to create meaning and tell a story.

But I think one most important points is the discipline and passion in every dancer’s heart. I can only imagine the amount of determination and talent which empowers them to create movement and magic on stage.

Dancers need stamina and physical endurance through every rehearsal. Their routines require great skill and memory and they make sacrifices in order to put in enough time and effort for their art.

(Image from Pinterest) (Quote by Ms Martha Graham)

I started dancing when I was a grade school student. Since then, I never stopped. But I never thought that it would be a part of my life.  It makes me happy, determined and most importantly, inspired. I do not regret every challenge and struggle I face. I always become a new and different person when I express myself when dancing. This helped me not just to become a good dancer but molded me into a passionate person. I know that I’m not the only one who can relate to that.

So kudos to all dancers out there! whether it’s the professional ones, amateurs or just simply those who want to wiggle their hips with joy! Always break a leg!



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