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The only camping survival guide you’ll ever need Inspire Travel 

The only camping survival guide you’ll ever need

IT’S SUMMER! And let me guess, you’re probably sweating to death every day and you just want to get away from the harsh rays of the sun (apart from the white corners of your office, of course).

However, not everyone can afford to travel with fancy hotel accommodations just to get a free pass to a breakfast buffet. But don’t worry, because you don’t need to be broke to have a taste of adventure and fun under the sun. Camping is definitely the answer!

Camping may be fun and adventurous, but it doesn’t come as easy as it looks in pictures. Just by carrying a backpack full of clothes and camping essentials, you’re bound to be sun-kissed, among other things.

Here are some tips to survive life on the island:

Use resources at home. 

When it comes to camping, resourcefulness is part of the fun. What you have at home can definitely be used on the island. If you have extra paper plates, plastic utensils, Tupperware, candles, matches and other essentials, just bring them instead of buying.

It also saves you from spending a lot of money. Believe me.

Plan your meals ahead. 

It’s always ideal to plan, even if you’re up for an adventure — and planning your meals ahead will guarantee you enough food to survive camping. Choose food that is easy to cook and eat when you’re on the island. This includes seafood, chicken or meat.

You may also bring ready-to-eat canned goods. You’re at camp, you should make your life easier and more practical.

Do not forget to put up night lighting. 

Usually, in remote areas, electricity is not available. The least that you can do is bring anything that can provide yourself light during the dark. It will be hard for you to walk and move around in the darkness. Charged flashlights or extra batteries are all you need.

Use rope and tarp to create everything you needed. 

Ahh, the fun part! This is the ultimate test for your survival skills, which requires you to be innovative. Don’t forget to bring ropes and tarpaulins for you to hang your wet clothes and tarp as a groundcover. Plus! It can also be used as shelter — just hang ’em from the tree branches.

Bring enough supply of water.

 Plan your water supply. There are islands who do not have fresh water to offer and this would be the death of you if you don’t have fresh water beside you. With too much heat, the last thing you want to experience is dehydration. For safetyL, bring a cooler full of ice to keep your food fresh.

Camping is a universal favorite in everyone’s bucketlist because it will definitely give you something of an unexpected experience full of street wisdom. Money isn’t everything, you just have to be smart enough to survive life. So go on ahead, try something you’ve never tried before.

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