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‘Moonlight’ MV spoofs ‘Friends’ as a powerful meta-commentary Entertainment Movies and TV 

‘Moonlight’ MV spoofs ‘Friends’ as a powerful meta-commentary

Last week, Jay-Z finally dropped the music video for ‘Moonlight’ on YouTube. Originally exclusive for Tidal users, the track from his breakout album called “4:44” was experienced with a thoughtful spooFrienf of ‘ds’ — a well-loved 90s sitcom. The out-of-the-box visuals directed by Master of None’s Alan Yang quickly gained traction and mixed reactions from raving fans. African-American actors including Issa Rae, Jerrod Carmichael, Tiffany Haddish, Tessa Thompson, Lil Rey, and LaKeith Stanfield starred in the 7-minute parody of the American TV show that remains to be dominating pop culture….

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How can you survive law school? The Bar Boys will tell you how Entertainment Movies and TV 

How can you survive law school? The Bar Boys will tell you how

Sometimes, all you need is a great set of friends to go through everything in life. Yes, including law school. Law school is often seen as the most difficult time a /future/ lawyer would have to face before getting the title “Attorney.” It’s not wrong though, law school is hard. But Bar Boys was able to portray such a ‘difficult’ time into something light, funny, and relatable to people even outside the world of law. A story surrounding four men and their journey in law school, Bar Boys talked about…

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Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita” Entertainment Movies and TV 

Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita”

BY: Kim Verana (Intern) Let’s get real: most people base their attraction on someone’s appearance before getting to know that person. Yes, we hear people say that what counts is the beauty “on the inside” but more often it seems Jim Carrey’s character in “Liar Liar” was right: that’s just something ugly people say. In the movies, the handsome or pretty one gets to be the lead character. The reinforces the notion a good physical appearance should always be appreciated rather than personality. The hit rom-com “Kita Kita” has changed…

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#MovieMarathon: Filipino Films for every Millennial Entertainment Movies and TV 

#MovieMarathon: Filipino Films for every Millennial

Just keep reading. You won’t regret it. We, millennials, are very known for watching interesting, deep, hugot, sci-fi, adventurous, and brave films. We even support foreign outputs like series and films, as long as it satisfies and feeds our imaginations and feelings in an unexplainable basis.   So, why don’t you try watching these pasok sa banga fresh films?   100 Tula para kay Stella Synopsis: Throughout his four years in college, Fidel, a student with a stutter, tries to finish 100 poems dedicated to Stella, an aspiring but frustrated…

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Celebrate Pride Month with these LGBT+ Films Entertainment Movies and TV 

Celebrate Pride Month with these LGBT+ Films

The past few years have been testaments to the growing liberation of sexuality in our world: passage of equality bills, appointment of LGBTQIA leaders, celebrities coming out, sanctification of unions, pride marches everywhere, etc. These practices of freedom have enabled us to revel equality and acceptance all-year long. However, June is the month where the world puts on a little more color. Despite the cruelty there is, an opportunity to proudly proclaim beliefs and uniqueness is a huge leap in our efforts of trumping hate with love. From “Blue is…

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LOOK: The new Game of Thrones trailer is here!!! Entertainment Movies and TV 

LOOK: The new Game of Thrones trailer is here!!!

Rally your armies and gather your troops, for Winter is Here! HBO posted the new trailer for the ultimate season of their hit series, Game of Thrones. “It may be the first day of Summer, but #WinterIsHere on 7.16.” The two-minute video delivered an intriguing sneak peak for the stoked fans of the series at what’s to come in the concluding season. Our favorite characters are back at it again with the invigorating fight for the Iron Throne, however, stakes are higher as a bigger, deadlier threat rises from the…

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LOOK: Olaf is getting his own Disney short film this upcoming Holiday! Entertainment Movies and TV 

LOOK: Olaf is getting his own Disney short film this upcoming Holiday!

Your favorite snowman is now starring in his own Frozen featurette! Our summer-loving snowman, Olaf, is set to star in his own Disney Animated Shorts – Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The story will center on Olaf’s search for Arendelle’s very own Christmas Tradition. He is accompanied by Sven, Kristoff’s trusty (and fluffy) reindeer. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will open in front of Disney-Pixar’s original feature film “Coco” on November 22, 2017 in US cinemas. “I’m thrilled that Disney Animation’s featurette ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ will be coming to theaters in November with Pixar’s…

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6 local indie films you should watch out for Entertainment Movies and TV 

6 local indie films you should watch out for

A few coming this year, some created a few years back but have not seen screen time in Philippine cinemas yet. But still, ready your popcorns (and your wallets)! Since Heneral Luna’s battle cry for an equal showing period with that of mainstream pictures, indie films started rising into the taste of Filipinos—the right kind of recognition they deserve. Recently, I’m Drunk I Love You made waves across the country with its almost too relatable I’m-in love-with-my-best friend tale, made even better with Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino’s opposite acting….

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Where is Sandara Park’s former ‘ka-loveteam’ Hero Angeles? Entertainment Movies and TV 

Where is Sandara Park’s former ‘ka-loveteam’ Hero Angeles?

We know, we’re asking the same question as well. While many of know that Sandara Park, after her run in Star Circle Quest and a few shows and movies, she went back to Korea and became a member of the K-Pop Group, 2NE1. But, where is Hero Angeles, who won Star Circle Quest in 2004 and became Sandara’s ka-loveteam in the movie “Can this be Love?” Well, Hero has made appearances in Nathaniel, a Maalaala mo Kaya (MMK) episode in 2016. This year, Hero is set to star in a Mother’s…

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The best of Cole Sprouse through the years Entertainment Movies and TV 

The best of Cole Sprouse through the years

Cole Mitchell Sprouse, simply known as Cole Sprouse, is one of the leading stars of the rising CW series, “Riverdale”, adapted from Archie’s comics. Since Cole and his brother, Dylan were babies, they were featured on TV and they have grown in front of their fans’ eyes. Lying low from acting career and focusing more in academics,  a few years later after the twins’ graduation, they’re back in the limelight with more surprises.   Here are some of his notable shows through the years.     Grace Under Fire –…

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