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SOS! (Save Our Skins!) Beauty Life and Style 

SOS! (Save Our Skins!)

You can watch all the makeup tutorials you want, but honey, at some point you have to stop packing all that cosmetics on your face. Sometimes, you’d want to leave the house with nothing more than the skin on your face– and that might be hard if you aren’t confident barefaced. But don’t worry fam! We gotchu. Here are a few easy hacks to amp up your daily skin regimen. Sleep on your back We know how comfortable it is to sleep face down after a long day at work,…

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Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement Beauty Life and Style 

Why There’s Something Wrong With The Whole Body Positivity Movement

Everybody experiences bouts of insecurity at some point in their life; but there are specific people who bring others down for no apparent reason aside from because they want to or because they can. This is why the Body Positivity Movement is such a huge leap to knock down body shaming among people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and personal preferences. But after a little digging and reflection, some dark truths have become apparent about BPM. Its road, paving the way to self-love and confident self-awareness, definitely needs a little…

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Win your next thrifting game with these 5 easy steps Fashion Life and Style 

Win your next thrifting game with these 5 easy steps

You don’t have to break the bank just to look fashionable; cheap doesn’t mean ugly, and expensive doesn’t mean fashionable. A common misconception people have about ukay-ukay is that they might contain disease carrying bacteria. Wrong. With proper washing and right inspection of the garment, you might cop a 20 peso one of a kind piece. Or if you’re a lucky girl, you might just get that 5 peso top! If you haven’t tried thrifting before, here are 5 steps to get the best haul. Find your style Match your…

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ANNE-STOPPABLE: Anne Curtis releases blk cosmetics! Beauty Life and Style 

ANNE-STOPPABLE: Anne Curtis releases blk cosmetics!

It can very time consuming to cop the natural makeup look that will last the whole day. Worse is being late for work or a date just because you spent hours perfecting those eyebrow arches and finding the right angle for your contour. Fret no more because Anne Curtis is here to help you to achieve the IT girl look, the simple way! Anne just recently entered her way to the local cosmetics scene with the launch of her own makeup line, blk cosmetics, which promises to offer products that are effortless,…

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Italian-inspired ice cream so good you can’t have just one Food Life and Style 

Italian-inspired ice cream so good you can’t have just one

Want to experience Italy without booking a flight to Europe? Say no more. Gelatissimo is here for you and your taste buds. Oddly, this delectable gellato originated from King Street, Sydney. It’s made with fresh ingredients combined with a secret family recipe. Locals began to buying their ice cream and before the makers knew it, they were opening new stores worldwide. So what makes this ice cream stand out from the rest? Gelatissimo is known for their freshly made gelatos using fresh ingredients. They don’t just serve any ordinary ice cream,…

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Look Out! Two of the Freshest Clothing Brands Have Arrived Fashion Life and Style 

Look Out! Two of the Freshest Clothing Brands Have Arrived

Fashion does not have to be basic. A realization that paved the way for style-aficionados Bryan Sochayseng and Kathrina Crisostomo to create their own clothing brands, The Starving Artist and Poots, with each garment proudly connected to their deepest pursuits to celebrate life and fashion. Unable to find their own style in market racks, the duo decided that it was time to start making unique designs that are incredibly personal yet relevant, functional yet fierce, and simply offer  unconventional options that cannot be seen anywhere else—creating that proud, tailor-fit feeling…

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  Don’t we all just love coming home to a smiling snout and wagging tail? You get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you see your pet dog or cat ecstatically waiting by the doorway to greet you home. It’s as if all our stress melts away whenever they shower us with affectionate licks and light, playful gestures. However, not all people are hardcore pet lovers or can keep one at home. But if you have a soft spot for our furry friends, especially the feline kind, then read on. We’ve…

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#FeedGoals: Five Photo Applications For A Better Selfie Game Life and Style Travel Uncategorized 

#FeedGoals: Five Photo Applications For A Better Selfie Game

It’s all about aesthetic, the perfect photo.   Christmas season has begun here in the Philippines and you know what that means? Photo shoots beside fairy lights, Christmas lights, and all those other lights for that serene or dramatic effect. But you don’t need a DSLR to have the perfect photo. You can use your phone coupled with the right apps. Let me give you five photo applications to up your #selfie game. Gudak Application (available for IOS, 50.00PHP) If you love vintage-y old pictures, then this app is right…

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Love It Loud Ladies! Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Is For All Beauties Beauty Fashion Life and Style 

Love It Loud Ladies! Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Is For All Beauties

Beauty junkies are going gaga over Rihanna’s “Fenty Beauty” makeup line for a good reason. September 8, 2017 was a landmark date for beauties of all colors. Musician and fashion icon Rihanna released a makeup line called “Fenty Beauty”, which she developed for two years with over 40 shades of foundation. In the long history of cosmetics, no other brand has come close to achieving what Riri did. Gone are the days of relentlessly searching in the beauty aisles for the perfect shade, only to be disappointed in the end….

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The Vowels of Photography Life and Style Travel 

The Vowels of Photography

The thrill of discovering a new skill can be both amusing and infuriating—it never fails to pique our insatiable appetite for knowledge and makes our creativity alive and in full swing. As millennials, we sure do love a good photo. We know how to snap that perfect IG shot—posing, angles, lighting and all. So how about taking things up a notch by learning the basics of professional photography?   Now, I know the word professional may sound intimidating and complex but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, you can…

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