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The University Checklist: PUP Edition University 

The University Checklist: PUP Edition

by Grace Adorable & Jay Denvher Soriano Rally masters, social activists, liberals. Name it. These are the common ascriptions thrown to PUP students, which have long been the worst impressions they always receive. But who cares when life in PUP offers interesting experiences that are unique among other universities? Here are some things only PUPians will understand.   “PUP stands for Pila Ulit Pila” No one in the university doesn’t know this jargon. Seems like a curse that a legit PUPian must encounter numerous Pila Ulit Pila situations. They like…

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The University Checklist: ADMU Edition University 

The University Checklist: ADMU Edition

BY: Marco Lacsamana (contributor) So what’s up with the school up the hill? For sure, it’s beyond the “dude, pereh, tsong, fam” culture or the unspoken “JSEC Fashion”–consisting of boat shoes, tucked in polo shirt, and short shorts–that stereotypes most Ateneans. Here are some things Ateneans get to experience that would surely make them repeat what Jose Rizal said, “Is that the Ateneo? I spent many happy years there.”   ORSEM Let’s say it’s the official welcome party Ateneo throws for its freshies. Aside from meeting their blockmates, this is…

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Things that every college student loves… not! University 

Things that every college student loves… not!

To describe the university life as a roller coaster ride might be too shallow. College is a real amusement park without the rides, but loads of people, challenges, paperwork, readings, etc. (Are we scaring you? We hope not). But, college is the best years of one’s life. But no matter how much we love being in college, there are a few things that make us think: Why am I even here? Here are a few college moments that would make you go meh…   When your professor comes in class…

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Aww. UST. Say what you want to say but when those three letters come together, you immediately think of that one university in the heart of Espana, Manila. Home of the Growling Tigers, The University of Santo Tomas (UST) is known for many things, from its Christmas traditions to its Hogwarts-like image whenever there’s a storm. But there’s more to UST than what’s shared in social media. Here are things that every Thomasian must do to experience the full-blown university life in UST.   Thomasian Welcome Walk A shoutout to…

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