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Cheats goes lost in translation in ‘Ringer’ Music 

Cheats goes lost in translation in ‘Ringer’

Eight-member alt-pop powerhouse Cheats has unveiled a music video for their new single “Ringer”. Entirely shot in the breathtaking, aesthetically conceptual city of Osaka, “Ringer” is just the right hyper-breed between Sofia Coppola-esque visuals and the band’s trademark electrifying reminiscence laced with infectious anticipation.

“Ringer” is a follow-up to “Drunk” that was released September this year. While the latter was an enjoyably nostalgic listen without trying too hard, “Ringer” keeps you on your toes as it builds up an excellent, amplified foundation only to drop its potential into earworm territory.

Nevertheless, it leaves a lingering expression, thanks to its callous yet tender layered riffs, hushed vocals understated to be calls of desperation, and its glorious outro uplifted by a series of quieted shouts of “another wasted space” — something that Cheats never was in the first place. Instead, they’ve left us in awe and it should always be celebrated as a triumph on their part.

Produced by former Eraserhead Raymund Marasigan and written by core members Jim Bacarro and Ernest Aguila, “Ringer” is an impassioned effort that is hard to outgrow.


Watch the video below:



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