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Want to cuddle up to a book and drink coffee? Here’s the place for you. Food 

Want to cuddle up to a book and drink coffee? Here’s the place for you.

Gone are the days when you can lure people with just Wi-Fi. Because in today’s trend, millennials are into IG-worthy space that offers a distinct dining experience.

Blogger, actress and musician Saab Magalona-Bacarro with her husband, marketing exec Jim Bacarro thought it would be a great idea to open a hub enveloped with books and delectable coffee and food.

The Bacarros
The Bacarros. Photo by Majoy Siason

That’s why the Bacarros, together with friends, Pao and Kristia Roco opened Cup Fiction-a space perfect to cultivate creative ideas of freelancers, artists and students. The café even has area for events and workshops so it’s the place to go when you’re into book clubs, study sessions with friends and more.

Cup Fiction
Image by Cup Fiction

Cup Fiction also bleeds stunning furniture made by part-owner Kristia Roco, called Furniture Therapy. The combination is weaved perfectly as Saab likes books and Kristia fancy furniture. What a pair!

Cup Fiction
Image by Cup Fiction
Furniture Therapy
Photo by Majoy Siason

While the concept itself is unique, wait ‘til you see the menu. Food concept is personalized as owners bring about their favorite dishes randomly. From Pinoy breakfast lonnganisa and tocino, to American platter, burgers, pasta, grilled cheese and gigantic chocolate chip cookie. The best part? Everything is in a perfect combo.


The Dark Knight Rice
The Dark Knight Rice (P245) aka Classic champurado using Davao’s dark malagos chocolate served with crispy danggit on the side. Photo by Majoy Siason
The Kaiju (P305), a Kitayama Wagyu sandwich with wasabi mustard and onions in a brioche. Photo by Majoy Siason
Oliver’s Grilled Cheese (P270) served with a bowl of homemade sweet and tangy tomato soup for dipping. Photo by Majoy Siason
BFG Cookie
Fat BFG Cookie (P105) available in classic chocolate chip or dark chocolate served with a cold glass of milk. Photo by Majoy Siason

Cup Fiction is not only a place to indulge food, but also a community of different personalities whether a writer, an artist, a student or a business enthusiast. Owners encourage people who visit Cup Fiction to compose a piece of poetry, art or whatever they have in mind after finishing a cup of coffee and post them on to discover how incredible ideas are produced in one sitting.


Cup Fiction is still on soft opening so expect improvements on the menu and the craft itself. Since the Bacarros are in the music industry (Cheats band), they also wanted to bring in music to the corners of the café as well as poetry reading and even stand-up comedy. Visit them at 141 White Plains, Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City and experience a unique blend of arts, food and  friendship.



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