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#ElectionNight: Wittiest tweets on the biggest presidential election News Viral 

#ElectionNight: Wittiest tweets on the biggest presidential election

It’s #ElectionNight in the United States and almost everyone is in a state of panic.

While the 51 states – and the rest of the world – are waiting on who would lead the great country that is The United States of America.

But, some are not exactly taking the live results well.

On social media, while waiting for the official results, there are a few good souls that decide to lighten up the mood amid the growing tension.

A few iconic tweets are the following:



A series now has a plot line for next season

Of course, they had to go there

Even the bravest Slytherin Harry Potter has known couldn’t help but blurt it out, and the dark lord has agreed.

Of course, election results must be released by the media ASAP

Proof that America is panicking:

And what’s better that witnessing real life drama?

Hmmm. Not a bad idea.


And possibly the picture that may or may not be an understatement of how America is right now

Good luck, America!



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