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Every day On-Fab outfits for every Career Woman out there Beauty Life and Style 

Every day On-Fab outfits for every Career Woman out there

“What dress will I wear to work today?”, “Prints? Plains?”, “Maybe I should try this denim…”, and “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEEEEEEEEAR!”

It’s too hard to start the day thinking about what you’ll wear to work every day. And that frustration sometimes lead to “Okay na to” OOTDs and instantly regretting it come to a rush meeting in the office.

Well, ladies, WE FEEL YOU. Which is why we compiled some of the best outfits that surely save you from the everyday OOTD dilemma, sudden appointments, with the sense of comfort every day.


Here’s a weeklong worth of OOTDs you should try:

Casual Lit Monday

Combining office skirts with a plain long sleeve top and a perfect pair of heels is a perfect week-starter! This combination will help you gain a smart and sexy attitude.

Collared Twist Tuesday

From sexy skirt, go for a more comfortable fashion with slacks.

Try to tuck your collared blouse in your slacks and top it off with some accessories to bring more glamor to your office attire.



Lovely Blazer Wednesday

Try the classic office attire – match your pair-ups with a plain blazer.

Blazers bring instant formality in any clothing (except shorts) you will wear. Then, don’t forget to add accessories to add a fancy twist.



Fab Mixes Thursday

Don’t hesitate mix and match your outfits especially your off-shoulder tops. With any type of pants or skirt, this get-up will definitely bring out the fashionista side in you.


Culottes Pants Friday

The next best thing to comfy jeans is a pair of Culottes. You can pair with with practically any top you have at home. It’s a surely comfortable friday lazy day in the office and a weekend night out with the gang. Inspired? Then it’s time to arrange your wardrobe for next week’s OOTD!


Always remember that fashion never fails. Don’t be afraid to try matching your different pieces and fit it with your desired style.

Bring out your fashion senses and slay your everyday routine.




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