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Explore the world without leaving Balesin Island Club Life and Style Travel 

Explore the world without leaving Balesin Island Club

One of the highlights in my year 2016 was being able to travel in one of the prestigious islands in the country, and that is the “Balesin Island Club”, located in the Quezon province.

I was lucky enough for being invited to the island because as far as I know, the membership alone was quite expensive – excluding the food and accommodation.

Upon my arrival on the island, the guests were warmly welcomed by the staff. At the start of the tour, the staff oriented us with what to expect and see in the island.

We were fortunate to have visited the following places:


Tropez, a Spanish-themed villa, where we spent time together with my cousins and brothers.


Tuscana, an Italian-designed villa.

Bali, an Indonesian villa that offers exotic Indonesian food and a fun filled swimming pool and beach.


Mykonos, a Greek-themed villa. Where we took a lot of pictures. Aside from the scenery, this villa is one of my favorites because it offers delicious and savoring Greek food with a hint of Greek music in the restaurant.


From Greece, we visited a Spanish villa, the Costa del Sol where the staff played fine and elegant Spanish music. This is the villa I enjoyed the most because they offered the Paella and Lechon de Leche which was very appetizing.



On our last day, we maximized our time to visit four villas namely: Bali, Phuket, Royal and Balesin village.

These places were quite elegant and it made it feel that we were in another country. Too bad because we weren’t able to stay long due to time constraints and so we had to pack up our things and return to Manila via an 18 seater plane.


Grace Castro

NOTE: All photos were taken by the author. Do not reproduce without permission




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