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Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita” Entertainment Movies and TV 

Filipinos have fallen in love with “Kita Kita”

BY: Kim Verana (Intern)

Let’s get real: most people base their attraction on someone’s appearance before getting to know that person.

Yes, we hear people say that what counts is the beauty “on the inside” but more often it seems Jim Carrey’s character in “Liar Liar” was right: that’s just something ugly people say.

In the movies, the handsome or pretty one gets to be the lead character. The reinforces the notion a good physical appearance should always be appreciated rather than personality.

The hit rom-com “Kita Kita” has changed that notion as its lead characters are not part of a fabulously good-looking Pinoy “loveteam”. Instead, the movie focuses on how the lead characters show love through creating good memories and a deep connection to one’s partner.

With its unique storyline, the movie had gained much attention and positive results from Filipino moviegoers. The loveteam of Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy – the leads of the movie – even trended on Twitter with its ship name: Alempoy.

I think this movie was well-loved by many because it gave hope to people who felt down and broken after being dumped by the one they love–for not meeting their partner’s standards for physical standards physical beauty.

The film helped them realize that in the end, love is about each individual’s sincerity and affection towards the other.

“Kita-Kita,” starring Alessandra De Rossi, and Empoy Marquez, is now on its third week run in theaters.




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