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Final call for the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3! Entertainment Music 

Final call for the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect 3!

The answer to the question “How are the Barden Bellas doing” will be answered right here.

After several behind-the-scene clips, Pitch Perfect 3 has released its official trailer last week.   

The third installment of Pitch Perfect centers on Barden Bella’s life after college. What has come for the Barden Bellas today?

The Bellas reunite one last time to compete at the USO and meets musicians that “play actual instruments”, to quote our favorite Bella, Beca Mitchell.

Aca-awesome right? Aca-exciting!

The farewell tour will begin on December 22 (and January 8, 2018, in the Philippines) in theaters.

The film will star  Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins.

Directed by Trish Sie and produced by Paul Brooks of Gold Circle Entertainment and Max Handelman & Elizabeth Banks of Brownstone Productions.  


Watch the full trailer here:



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