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‘Ghostbusters’ remake is the most disliked trailer in Internet history Entertainment Movies and TV 

‘Ghostbusters’ remake is the most disliked trailer in Internet history

Who ya gonna ca- hate?

The first official trailer of the 80s classic remake has hit our streams, already garnering the attention of over 30 million viewers … for all the wrong reasons. So far, the preview made it to YouTube’s annals as the most disliked movie trailer of all time wherein audience reactions are collectively vile; the negativity stands at a staggering 602,064 dislikes and counting.

So, what brings all the hate?

Actually, even before Sony dropped the preview online on March 3rd, the majority of fans and general viewers alike have already been seething with distaste since the announcement of the Ghostbusters remake. The aggressiveness further reached overdrive when the film was said to feature an all-female cast, 3/4 being SNL comediennes (Kristen Wiig, and recurring cast members Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones) plus one Gilmore Girls alum (Melissa McCarthy), because, for most YouTube netizens, this idea already sounds like a recipe for a feminist attack to “satisfy all feminists”.

But that’s not all the harsh criticism this upcoming movie is already famous for.

On the other hand, some people are just being angry fanatics weeping that their favorite movie is getting a remake. Then, a good portion of regular moviegoers are just plain unimpressed; one comment reads, “just don’t remake any Bill Murray films”. There are also those who defend themselves against misogynistic allegations, lowkey raging behind their screens typing “Every single woman I know hates this trailer”. And lastly, some admitted to have only contributed to the hate to become part of the most disliked trailer on YouTube, even going as far as logging in to multiple Google accounts to increase the thumbs downs.

So yes, statistically speaking, ‘Ghostbusters’ is the most hated trailer of all-time on YouTube, beating flop movies such as Fantastic Four and The Ridiculous Six, which only have 20,175 and 5,803 dislikes respectively. It’s currently ranked as the 23rd most disliked video in general and there’s still three months in before its release, it might even go higher, because, let’s face it, people like to abuse their right to have an opinion.

Ghostbusters is an upcoming film and a reboot of the 1984 original which starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. It is set to premiere on July 15 (USA).



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