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A girl’s breakup message from an 8 year relationship will make you cry Inspire Viral 

A girl’s breakup message from an 8 year relationship will make you cry

There are people who still believe that there’s forever, those people who think that fairytales and happy endings can really happen in real life. That feeling when you thought that the person you had loved for a very long time will be the man or the woman who you are going to exchange vows with.

A Facebook user named Karla Andrea Bonifacio posted a breakup post on April 2. Her post gained 150,000 reactions, 47,000 shares, and 35,000 comments, obviously triggered the netizens into tears and heartache.

Karla bagan her post saying that it took her so much courage to post it. For 7 years and 7 months, people have witnessed the love story of Gio and Karla.

It was a love story that lasted for so long, Karla thought that it would never end. She had him to almost every memorable events of her life, and she did not even consider falling for another guy, locking her feelings only for her considered soulmate, Gio.

“I loved the relationship we had. But it has come to an end,” she said.

Although Karla left the netizens asking for their reason for breaking up, she never answered them to her succeeding posts.

Karla’s story has caught a lot of attention – from the couples who are in the brink of breaking up, and from those who still can’t move on from their past. In the end, there’s only one lesson to learn, and that keeps on loving. Written by Marian Geadeth Solis (Intern)

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