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Gordon Ramsay just took his Masterchef judging to Twitter Viral 

Gordon Ramsay just took his Masterchef judging to Twitter

Someone has a lot of time in his hands.

Masterchef US judge and the host of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay, has been busy being an online critique on twitter over the weekend.

Known for his harsh/witty comments on Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen contestants, the top chef took his time to rate and comment on his followers’ dishes.

Here are some of Gordon’s wittiest critiques:


Gordon just taught us how to decline nicely

Looks like someone needs a crash course on BS Egg-u-cation

Gordon says he’s seen better. Well, he is a Masterchef judge after all.

Look’s like someone needs a miracle

Gordon just had to literally burn someone

And he’s like: Is that even edible?

That’s BTS’s Jin, BTW. KPop. 

But, of course. Not even Gordon can say no to pizza.

And when he has to compliment a dish




Remember when a blind contestant joined Masterchef US and Gordon Ramsey just showed a VERY different side of him? Watch this.



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