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This Grab Car driver has a videoke installed in his car! Viral 

This Grab Car driver has a videoke installed in his car!

I think we can all agree on the fact that traffic in the Philippines is horrible.

In fact, it’s one of the major reasons why our patience is always over the edge when it comes to the daily struggle of traveling from one place to another.

Most of us find different ways to kill the time long commuting shouldn’t be consuming at all. Some of us watch Korean Dramas on our phones or tablets, while some spend time in social media.

But one Grab driver thought of a great way to kill time in traffic. Karaoke.

And we all know that Filipinos LOVE karaoke. (Emphasis on LOVE, because tbh, love is an understatement for this.)

Commuter Patricia Diguangco uploaded on Facebook that the Grab Car she booked to go home had a Magic Sing installed for the customer’s enjoyment.

Really wanted to go home early today after work and after buying meds because of a migraine I was having. So pagsakay ko ng Grab from Mercury Drug, to my surprise, sabi ni Kuya,

“Maam dahil mahaba ang byahe niyo, kanta muna kayo.”

Just look at how awesome it is to travel in a car with a videoke!

BTW, the Grab Driver’s name is Raymond Ng Yu. You’re welcome.



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