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Grab your popcorn! Here are movies to watch out for March 2017 Entertainment Movies and TV 

Grab your popcorn! Here are movies to watch out for March 2017

March 2017 is on! Which means it’s time for your Thesis Defense and Finals (Oh, no.). For some of us, we might be drowning in workload because the company outing is fast approaching (That is if there is one).

While most of us will be pretty busy this month, let us not forget that these movies are coming out in the next days, so you might want to squeeze them into your tight schedule.

Have fun watching, neighbors!


Hugh Jackman returns as what could be the final installment of Wolverine. The movie is set in 2029 where mutants are on the brink of extinction.

Logan premieres on March 1, 2017


Before I Fall         

Let’s all go back to High School, but repeat the same day over and over. It’s all De Ja Vu, but making a huge difference in the age of your youth with Zoey Deutch all in just one day.

Before I Fall premieres on March 8, 2017


Kang: Skull Island

Everyone’s favorite gorilla is back on the big screen, this time with Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel Jackson and John Goodman.

Kang: Skull Island premieres on March 9, 2017


Beauty and the Beast

YES. It’s finally here!

Disney’s live version of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson is finally hitting the big screen. TBH, everyone’s pretty hyped up about it. Official soundtracks have also been released weeks before the premiere.

Beauty and the Beast premieres on March 15, 2017

Power Rangers

Our childhood heroes get a reboot! Power Rangers graces the big screen. The movie focuses of five teenagers and their journey to becoming superheroes after discovering their powers. It’s Morphin Time!

Power Rangers premieres on March 22, 2017




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