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Here’s how one guy got Coldplay Tickets from a meme Viral 

Here’s how one guy got Coldplay Tickets from a meme

Remember that whole craze over the expensive Coldplay in Manila tickets?

OF course, you do. In fact, SM tickets just released another batch of Coldplay tickets due to its public demand.

While few were able to grab hold of these precious tickets, one fan – Al Gentrix – got absolutely lucky.

In fact, he scored two FREE Coldplay tickets.

Yes, FREE.

How did he get them, you may ask? All because of a meme he made. Check it here.

While the post was only meant to stir fun and laughter on his timeline, it has led to so much more for Al.

Just a few days after the meme was posted, he got a message from a certain person saying that he should message Ritemed Philippines. Check out their conversation here.

Yep. Ritemed gave Al two tickets for Coldplay Live in Manila on April 2017 because he asked the famous question “May Ritemed ba nito?”

Kaya guys, wag na kayong mahiyang magtanong.




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