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Home Alone on Halloween Season

Granny warned you about the spirits that roam the Earth during October and yes, they are coming for you. You will see them more often, from the moment you turned your television on to instances you’re browsing online. There will always be a lady in white, with waist-length hair covering her face, lurking on your screens.

It’s all about ghost stories, and this only gets worse when you’re left alone at home. Listed below are some Halloween horror scenarios. Be warned though: You need to sharpen your senses, because you might not be reading this alone!

The monster under the bed

This is an old storytelling and movie trope. For some reason, it never gets old–and that’s not surprising. It’s easy to think someone or something will drag you underneath. You will never be at ease unless you sneak a peek. So no matter how much you resist looking when you can’t sleep, you always end up checking and freaking yourself out after doing so.


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The white lady in the corridor

The turning point in this horror scenario is when you wake up in the middle of the night and your bladder feels like bursting. You close your eyes on your way to the bathroom, but your curiosity gets the better of you. You slowly open your eyes as you stare at the dim lit corridor, which will send you running hurriedly back to your bedroom. Your bladder gets PTSD.


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The facial wash intruder

Even if the soap stings your eyes, you do your best to keep them open: you’re afraid that someone will be staring back in the mirror. You grit your teeth and minimize your time rinsing your face because you don’t want to run around screaming in facial foam!

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The closing surprise

You know that the brutal part of anticipation is it happens during the least expected moments. So you brace yourself as you close the refrigerator door, curtains, or closet. You feel that presences are always around and they love to startle the unsuspecting; so be careful when shutting any kind of door. You don’t want to see a bloody face popping out of nowhere.

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The blanket buddy  

Just the moment you feel safe and hidden from everything, you suddenly feel another weight occupying your bed. The wind blows colder than usual, so you turn around slowly, and the next thing you know… someone is already lying next to you.

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Unseen forces might be scary, but you can always turn the Halloween atmosphere from fear into fun. Instead of terror, let there be treats instead.

These presences are just lost and alone, wandering for thousands of years, and just needing company. The best you can do is pray for their souls, or else they will prey on you.

I certainly agree… and someone beside you does too!




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