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How to be you, Marlou? Entertainment Viral 

How to be you, Marlou?

An expert plastic surgeon deduces the making of Xander Ford.

Let’s be honest about a few things here:

  1. “Xander Ford” is the creation of a huge entertainment conglomerate; he’s not a real person but a fantasy meant to draw us into the latest showbiz money-making product;
  2. A lot of people may feel envious of Marlou Arizala, the bit actor and former member of boyband, HashT5. After all, he had surgical enhancements costing thousands of pesos all for free; and
  3. Seriously, some Filipinos are getting agitated over the possibility that God made Marlou in an imperfect manner—that a human surgeon ended up correcting or perfecting.

What puzzled us was the whole process of Marlou’s transformation. Seemingly, he went from a wee lad to a borderline Hollywood heartthrob in no time.

We got expert plastic surgeon Jose Joven Cruz, MD, MPH, who is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery of the U.P. College of Medicine and Philippine General Hospital, and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Asian Hospital and Medical Center, to weigh in on this matter.

Based on Dr. Cruz’s expert eye, Marlou underwent the following procedures to be Xander:

  • Rhinoplasty or nose lift, which turned his Pinoy nose into a Caucasian one.
  • Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery that opened up his very chinito eyes.
  • Botox injections which relaxed and shrunk his facial muscles and cheeks. This resulted in a more prominent jaw and high cheekbones, giving him a jawline fit for a movie star.
  • Extensive dermatological treatments to smoothen his facial skin, which used to have a lot of acne.
  • Glutathione injections to whiten his skin, and additional expert make-up.




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