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Jollibee surprises everyone with a ‘kakaibang’ dance number Viral 

Jollibee surprises everyone with a ‘kakaibang’ dance number

Just when you thought you can’t love Jollibee more, they give you another one for the books.

Last May 21, a Facebook user named Tanner Mata uploaded a video of what seems to be Jollibee dancing to Bruno Mars’s latest hit, “Versace on the Floor.”

Though there is not information of the location, the mascot was obviously entertaining guests in a Jollibee-themed party.

These famous birthday parties have always been wholesome and kid-friendly. But with Jollibee’s surprise sexy dance, Jollibee lovers (and even non-fans) were shook to see such deviation.

Jollibee Foods Corporation was quick to respond with an apology directed to their market especially to the young ones “who may have been disappointed or offended with the said dance video.”

However, if you are “laking Jollibee”, anything is fun! Majority of the viewers enjoyed the video and considered it a breather. Some even acknowledged the lengths the people behind these costumes go through just to be able to redefine “enjoyment” for their audiences.

“I hope that you also assure us that he gets to keep his job for being creative and going the extra mile to entertain the audience,” Kendi Bhawnani responded in the official statement released by Jollibee.

Let us look at the bright side: If there is one thing Jollibee got from this viral video,  that is good publicity.

As of writing, the video has 5 million views, 90,000 reactions, 113,000 shares and 18,000 comments.

Indeed, in Jollibee, “bida ang saya.”

Watch Jollibee’s “Versace on the Floor” dance cover here:



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