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Kabahan na si Beyonce? Isabelle Daza perfectly belts out Halo Entertainment Viral 

Kabahan na si Beyonce? Isabelle Daza perfectly belts out Halo

Who knew Isabelle Daza can sing? More so ace a Beyonce song? Or did she?

Daughter of the first-ever Filipina Miss Universe, an athlete, actress, model, wife and a certified it-girl… Isabelle Daza added one more in her list of fortes after brilliantly belting out Beyonce’s Halo in a video she posted on her Instagram page! She hit the notes and she perfected the melody, was she hiding this talent all these years?

Here’s the clip:

So I’ve been secretly taking singing lessons for 6 months. Here goes… ❤️

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Though Isabelle was feeling the song with her gallant emotions and her ala-singer gestures, the voice, an all too familiar voice in the Filipino ears helped her max the 2008 hit. Who could it be?

As they say, if you’d ask for help, go to the best, and Isabelle did so. Singing for her in the sideline, giving justice to the karaoke favorite is none other than Regine Velasquez! In the video which followed after a few minutes after the first one, the camera panned to Asia’s Songbird as she was ending the song, answering all our questions if Isabelle has been hiding such prowess for years.

Sad to say, you can’t have it all! However, “flawless lip-syncing” can still pass her long list of talents.

However, the singing and the surprise were not all the talk in Isabelle’s videos. Though a majority of her followers found it entertaining, some were more attentive of another (unnecessary) thing. Isabelle’s nipple bra, seen in her white shirt, was apparently more important than the supposed-to-be amusing purpose of the video. Hate to break the ice people, yes nipple bras exist and there’s nothing wrong with them. In fact, they should just be treated just like any other bras!

Anyway, here’s Isabelle and the Songbird with their effortless rendition of Halo:

Part 2.

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Written by Reg Lintag



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