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Look: Kanye’s birthday gift to Kim that’s gonna make you tear up Entertainment Viral 

Look: Kanye’s birthday gift to Kim that’s gonna make you tear up

When your wife has everything in the world, what do you give her? That’s simple. For Kanye West, all you got to do is give her something without a price tag.

Last Friday, rapper Kanye West has wished his wife Kim Kardashian-West a happy birthday and gave a gift worth the world to the reality TV star. A 5-minute video starred Kim’s childhood with her late dad Robert Kardashian and her grandma Helen was Kanye’s gift for Kim’s 36th birthday. It is undeniably sweet as Kim is believed to be really close with her dad.

Kanye’s single “Only One” was the set music on the video.



Kanye has a history in giving the best for his wife. When it comes to giving gifts and surprises, Kanye likes to go all out, like the time when he filled Kim’s living room with a group of classical musicians to serenade her for Mother’s Day. Or the time when Kanye gave Kim a thousand roses. Yes, that’s right. A THOUSAND roses. That is more roses than in the “Beauty and the Beast” prop department. Also, who cannot forget his 150 gift-wrapped present to Kim for Valentine’s Day?




Photo credits to Kim Kardashian's Snapchat
Photo credits to Kim Kardashian’s Snapchat


The couple has been married for two years. They started dating in 2012 and had their first child, North West in June 2013.





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