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Kpop Idol Groups that slayed their choreo in 2x speed Music 

Kpop Idol Groups that slayed their choreo in 2x speed

In case you haven’t noticed, Korean Pop or K-pop groups have been performing their title songs twice its original speed. And it looks challenging (and tiring) as hell.

This is a segment in MBC’s variety show, Weekly Idol, where K-pop groups are challenged to perform their songs precisely at a faster speed.

If you think that’s impossible, take a look at these idol groups slaying their 2x speed challenge. (PS: Don’t even think about blinking)


GFriend’s “Rough”

The whole 2x speed trend began when a fan of theirs asked them to perform ‘Rough’ in twice speed. They’re practically the ‘Queens of 2x speed.’ Editor’s note: Keep an eye on CNBlue’s Yongwha’s reactions: He is all of us right now.

*BONUS: GFriend also performed their previous singles Me Gustas Tu and Glass Bead in 2x speed.


Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”

          SM’s youngest girl group also faced the 2x speed challenge with their 2015 single. Just watching them ace their choreo will leave you breathless.

*BONUS: RV also performed “Russian Roulette” at 2x speed! Check it out here.


TWICE, Gfriend, BTOB and GOT7 go head to head in 2x speed challenge

          The four groups came together for the fifth anniversary special of Weekly Idol. Of course, the twice speed challenge will never be forgotten in an anniversary episode.


I.O.I’s “Whatta Man”

          Two words: HAIR FLIPS. So on point.


Infinite’s “Be Mine”

Take a look at the 7 member boy group’s feet movements and hand gestures. Try not to fangirl at 1:32.


Shinee’s “Sherlock”

The five-member group’s choreo for *I’m so Curious yeaaaaaaah* was the most expensive choreography SM Entertainment has ever paid for, and its sophisticated moves are all the proof you need. To dance it in twice speed? Well, only SHINee can pull that off.

After watching their 2x speed performances, go back and listen to the songs in its original speed. Seems slower, huh?

Which one’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!




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