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The K-Pop Invasion: Music, Idols and more Entertainment Music 

The K-Pop Invasion: Music, Idols and more

By: Marci Trio 

They are hip, cute & cause a major “LSS” to everyone.


 Filipinos’ love for K-Pop culture–whether music, TV shows, celebrities, fashion, and beauty–is stronger than ever.

As usual, this is driven mainly by K-Pop music artists. Filipinos still go gaga over them because of their unique style of music & awesome dance moves. It started out as early as 1885 but began to click at early 2000’s by the birth of K-pop Idol Groups which we all love up until now.

K-Pop has evolved into different genres from ballads to upbeat & even rap songs. K-Pop artists don’t stick to just one specific genre of songs; they experiment with various concepts for them to know what works for them and what their fans will like.


Most K-Pop groups have the complete package: skilled in singing, rapping, dancing & acting (plus they are also good looking!). They are dedicated, determined, and went through a lot of training before they became K-Pop idols.

All these helped K-Pop music gain fans all over the world. Being a K-Pop fan myself, I am very proud and happy that so many others share my passion.




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