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Kris Aquino – The Queen of all… Memes? Entertainment Viral 

Kris Aquino – The Queen of all… Memes?

Kris Aquino is all over social media – and we can all relate to her.

With a new show occupying her time, Kris never fails to update us with her everyday life through her Facebook Blog “Heart to Heart with Kris” which is garnering a lot of engagement from Filipinos.

While everyone is enjoying Kris Aquino’s life, social media never fails to give us a bonus laugh. People have been screen grabbing certain lines from Kris’s blogs and giving it their own personal twist.

Here are some of the funniest Kris Aquino memes:

When you’re the only one who finds your joke funny

When you finally convince yourself to study

When your ~*bae*~ is obviously not interested

When your bes crushing on your crush 

The importance of owning ~*good looking*~ pajamas

Add Kris to our Philosophy books, please. 


Kris Aquino’s iconic line was made into a Spotify playlist!!!

What’s your favorite Kris Aquino meme? Tell us in the comments section below!



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