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Ladies, Color Correcting Is The Answer Beauty Life and Style 

Ladies, Color Correcting Is The Answer

Disclaimer: you don’t have to be an MUA to the stars to achieve flawless looking skin, you just need a little practice (and be willing to look like a 3-year old’s finger painting)

The hottest makeup trend right now is color correcting and it isn’t as hard as you think. The trick is using specific colors to neutralize or even out certain facial discrepancies you see, then applying the right shade of foundation to make your skin look flawless asf.


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The color wheel is your color palette and this is how it works: you identify what you need to neutralize and use the color that will cancel that out.

Basic color uses are:


Best used for red pimples, broken capillaries, and other red-related facial issues you may have.



For lighter skin tones. It brightens fatigued areas, usually purple under eyes, and evens out the ruddiness of fair skin.


Red/ Orange

For medium skin tones- darker skin tones: Evens out dark spots or fatigued areas like dark circles, pimple scars, and panda eyes


Violet/ Blue

Balances out excessively yellow undertones. It neutralizes “hepa-looking” tones on your face, think orange and yellow tones.



For medium skin tones: It will liven dullness of skin tone, cancels out blueish/ violetish spots on the face (typically bruises or under eyes)


You can apply as many colors as needed on a single face so long as they cover and neutralize what needs to be covered and neutralized and end up looking like you’re prepping for a tribal war, so don’t forget to blend!! Dabbing is the best way to blend in all that color.


NOTE: (AFTER I BLEND THE COLOUR CORRECTING OUT I PUT FOUNDATION AND CONCEALER ON TOP) Hey guys!! I'm super excited for this insta video because it's a collab with the one and only @nicolconcilio ❤️❤️😏😏 we both used the @nyxcosmetics @nyxcanada colour correcting kit! The purple is to correct any weird yellows on my skin, green is for any redness or blemishes I may have, yellow and the salmon pink are for any dark circles, darkness or any acne scaring. DISCLAMER: this video was for fun and just a fun way to teach you about colour correcting. The amount used is not for every day colour correcting unless you do have any extreme discolouration on you face. I did not need this much colour correction but I did want to show you all the colours 🙂 A little can go a long way for colour correcting 🙂 SHOW US your CRAZY colour correcting using the hashtag #colorcorrectingclash !! PS I have a mini makeup tutorial on this look a few posts back (my inspired Barbie makeup tutorial) as well as the FULL tutorial on my YouTube channel! Hope you are all having a lovely day! #tianacosmetics

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Mastering the art of color correcting is like mastering Photoshop for your face. Go from unicorn tribal warrior to demigoddess in one swoop. This is the key to an even-toned face, the perfect canvas for the masterpiece that will be your finished product.


Now that you have the basic cheat sheet, it’s time to test it out. Don’t be afraid to look like your face came out of the backside of a unicorn, we all have to start from somewhere, right? Have fun!




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