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Lawyer offers free legal aid for Anti-Marcos protesters harassed online News 

Lawyer offers free legal aid for Anti-Marcos protesters harassed online

The burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes Cemetery) on Friday spurred thousands of social media posts from both anti- and pro-Marcos citizens.

Engaging in critical discussions on social media aside, the Internet has also become a place that abundant with misogyny, and it is not anymore uncommon to see obscene, racy and improper comments against a person.

Photos of female anti-Marcos protesters, most in their early 20s, spread on social media and became the target for such comments on Facebook.

A photo of a female protester holding a placard that read, “Kay crush di ako makamove on, paano pa kaya kay Marcos” was bombarded with comments.

Now people are starting to fight back.

Ateneo de Manila University instructor Nathania Chua launched the #TakeNoShit campaign on social media following the spread of these comments, which insinuate women at the protests were paid by the hour as both political and actual prostitutes.

Crude comments on another photo of a young female protester include:

“Ganda nito ahhh [So beautiful]. Future pornstar… Come to papa, I’ll fill your mouth and your pockets, too” while others suggesting they should “gang bang” her and tie her up.

Free legal services

Now lawyer John Molo took to social media to offer pro bono legal aid to netizens who want to sue the trolls.

“So if you are thinking of sexually harassing a student, better think twice. Because we will be coming for you and we will find you,” Molo wrote.



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