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LOOK: The new Game of Thrones trailer is here!!! Entertainment Movies and TV 

LOOK: The new Game of Thrones trailer is here!!!

Rally your armies and gather your troops, for Winter is Here!

HBO posted the new trailer for the ultimate season of their hit series, Game of Thrones.

It may be the first day of Summer, but #WinterIsHere on 7.16.”

The two-minute video delivered an intriguing sneak peak for the stoked fans of the series at what’s to come in the concluding season.

Our favorite characters are back at it again with the invigorating fight for the Iron Throne, however, stakes are higher as a bigger, deadlier threat rises from the North that might call for the once-rival Houses to band together.  

Here are the highlights for the trailer:

It starts with Sansa walking away from Godswood, with Petyr Baelish saying,“Don’t fight in the north or the south. Fight every battle, everywhere, always in your mind.” A tip from Littlefinger’s handbook on scheming.


Danaerys is finally in Westeros with her OP army of Unsullied plus Dragons. The Queen’s right hand, Tyrion, doesn’t look too happy, though.


Littlefinger is scheming and Theon seems terrified. What’s new?

Looks like the Stark siblings are in for a reunion, hopefully soon and *alive*.  


Premiering on July 16, the final chapter of the series promises a final battle that will either make or break our favorite characters. The preview leaves us with a few lingering questions: Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Will the Houses of Westeros stop gunning for the Iron Throne in time before the real enemy arrives? What’s to become of our beloved characters?

The trailer ends with a shot of a lone Jon Snow – a man of both fire and ice, half-Stark and half-Targaryen – facing a battlefield of laden with snow and sweltering flames. The imagery game is exceptionally on-point.



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