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Look Out! Two of the Freshest Clothing Brands Have Arrived Fashion Life and Style 

Look Out! Two of the Freshest Clothing Brands Have Arrived

Fashion does not have to be basic.

A realization that paved the way for style-aficionados Bryan Sochayseng and Kathrina Crisostomo to create their own clothing brands, The Starving Artist and Poots, with each garment proudly connected to their deepest pursuits to celebrate life and fashion.

Unable to find their own style in market racks, the duo decided that it was time to start making unique designs that are incredibly personal yet relevant, functional yet fierce, and simply offer  unconventional options that cannot be seen anywhere else—creating that proud, tailor-fit feeling of eccentricity.

“The Starving Artist is leaning towards more fashion so we take inspiration from different international brands or even clothing we see on the street that catches our eye. It can be anything, as typical answers usually are. And for Poots, it is with our favorite things mostly. A lot of our stickers are from TV shows, musicians, etc.” Crisostomo said.

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The first brand to come alive was The Starving Artist, their cut and sew line that offers fresh and practical cuts perfect for everyday wear. Their first collection called “Beginnings” can be described as comfy (and undeniably smart) as hell. It features cottony-soft embroidered tees in orange and deep purple, mural field jackets with awesome hand-painted back designs, and cropped linen trousers with hidden zipper pockets—keeping your stuff safe from muggers.  

The ideas kept flowing after the release of their first collection. However, these ideas were too pop and vibrant for the brand so they decided to come up with Poots—its happy-go-lucky sibling.

Poots can be described as youthful, with a selection of funky graphic tees and stickers inspired from anything pop culture with a message. Each garment is eye-catching and ready for you to strut the street in. Their items include Immature, a bright-yellow tee celebrating the heydays of childhood; Mortal Folly, an edgy tee with an inspiring message of strength; and Init, a breezy yet ultra-stylish top perfect for the Philippine climate.

Just like anything that begins, the duo had a rough start turning their vision into reality. The Starving Artist took two years and a lot of revisions before its official launch because of the rudiments of finding a manufacturer, trying out the right fabrics, and making wise investments needed in any business venture.

But their love for fashion and artistry helped them persevere to establish themselves in the industry. They promised that Poots and The Starving Artist will continue to grow and spark creativity; to give more customized clothing pieces for the young and adventurous.

“We want The Starving Artist to be worn and acknowledged by people who understand the message of our brand…and for Poots, we want more people to enjoy it—it’s all for fun” Crisostomo said.

Sochayseng and Crisostomo’s passion projects have moved beyond the term project and into the realm of venture and fashion, but even then their brand’s promise to remain uniquely fresh and fun– true to the reason they started in the first place.  So watch out world, pop art has met fun fashion and you better be ready for it.

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