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Lorde’s “Melodrama” takes on the supercut of faded love and adulthood Entertainment Music 

Lorde’s “Melodrama” takes on the supercut of faded love and adulthood

“All the glamour and the trauma and the f*ckin’ melodrama.”

20-year-old singer-songwriter Lorde (whose real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor) stands be making ripples on the music scene this early in 2017 as she rakes in consequent positive critiques for her recently launched sophomore album called Melodrama.

While the central themes of her debut LP Pure Heroine (2013) shoot on the issues of conventional beauty and popularity, Melodrama is reflective upon the transience of Lorde’s adolescence and adulthood. Unlike most pop stars, however, she has refrained from putting out music that gets the tales of a new romance and has chosen to turn a rather perplexing period of her life into something self-defining.


Best tracks

‘Royals’ may have been 16-year-old Ella’s golden ticket to the cut-throat stream of the industry, but ‘Writer in the Dark’ and ‘Sober II (Melodrama)’ are taking the stage as the most headline-grabbing songs of the latest release as they carry the core subjects of the record.

Nevertheless, ‘Supercut’ is undeniably the super song of the album. The backward-grazing tune tells the account of a venerated relationship, narrating a version that shades brighter than reality. The brilliance of the track manifests on the lyrics which ultimately fall on her realization that only a collection of clips remain of what has been a short-lived romance; hence the title.


Strong and smart leap

Melodrama seems to be going the direction Lorde’s music is intended to go. It’s a smart and refreshing move from Pure Heroine. The 11-track album goes under the alternative/indie genre, yet it sounds something more mystifying than something we would play on a rainy day weekend.

So, for days when you can’t seem to get your head straight, know that there is at least one anthem in this LP that allows dancing your anxieties (and miseries) away.

At any rate, trust us when we say you won’t rue the day you start streaming Melodrama.



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